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Marzo 02, 2005

ROI de la inversión en TICs: "Planning for Healthcare Information Technology"

In health care, where IT is viewed as a tool for more efficient or effective operation, benefits are more likely to be gained from cost avoidance than from revenue enhancement activities. This is why organizations often find it so difficult to come up with a realistic ROI -- and why ROI should be only one part of a multifaceted IT decision-making process.

In addition to ROI, planners need to consider other benefits of an IT system installation, such as increased patient or provider satisfaction, enhanced productivity or decision-making capabilities, or strengthened infrastructure.

The table below lists common categories of such values, along with examples of metrics that could be used to measure them.

"Sometimes, even if you subject a project to a very rigorous analysis and the analysis says this is not the best ROI, you have to do it anyway, for intangible reasons or tangible reasons you can't express in dollars," says John Glaser, Ph.D., vice president and chief information officer (CIO) of Partners HealthCare System in Boston.

IT ROI Table.gif

FUENTE: Envision the Possibilities: Planning For Healthcare Information Technology, a special insert published with the January 2005 issue of HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association)

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